Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper Review

When it comes to cutting your kids hair, using a regular sized set of hair clippers can be a nightmare. They’re too big for a start, they’re an intimidating colour, and they’re loud enough to give your child something to worry about. I wasn’t having much success using my regular hair clippers on my child – due to the above reasons – so I thought I’d give the Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper a go, and see how that faired up. Are they really that much different to regular “adult” clippers? In this review I’ll give my honest opinion on what I think about these kids clippers, and hopefully help you make a more informed decision as to whether they’re right for you.

First off, and most importantly, I can report that the home hair cutting sessions have been a success since I purchased these clippers (compared to the previous nightmares anyway.) So that at least goes to show that the product is doing it’s job.

I think the key reason is that it’s a lot less intimidating for my child. It’s smaller and it’s a “friendly” blue colour. It’s also easier to hold and manoeuvre on a smaller head compared to the regular sized clippers, so this overall makes the job easier.

I especially like the rounded tips on the clipper comb as opposed to regular trimmers where the clipper comb can actually be significantly pointy. This is a lot more useful than I would have initially imagined, and it simply gives a “softer” cut and the clipper runs more smoothly over your child’s head in a more pleasant way. They’ll thank you for this!

The product is advertised as having a much quieter motor which would definitely be seen as a positive with my kid. The only thing is, it’s not that much quieter than my normal clippers. That’s possibly because my regular clippers are quite quiet anyway, but even so, I thought these would be even more quieter.

On the other hand, if you were to compare these to a lot of “adult” hair clippers, then yes, they would be significantly quieter. I didn’t really know how quiet I was expecting these to be but I guess they’re clippers at the end of the day and will make noise. As I say though, the hair cutting sessions so far since using these clippers have been a noticeable success, so this hasn’t been an issue and don’t think it would be for most people.

In conclusion, the Philips Norelco CC5060 has definitely made cutting my child’s hair a lot easier and thus, does the job they are designed to do. If you want to make the job of cutting your kid’s hair a lot easier, then I’d definitely recommend these. It’s the perfect shape, size and colour, just don’t expect that “quieter” means that it is significantly quieter. Overall, a very happy customer and would definitely recommend this product to parents.

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